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Hi all.

I’m relatively new to Quickfile so I hope this isn’t something regularly covered.

I import all of my goods from outside of the EU, mainly by DHL and I get weekly “Customs VAT and duty” invoices from them. These are essentially invoices to cover the VAT and duty that DHL pay on my behalf to HMRC when the goods arrive in the UK.

I’m looking for a way that I can enter these invoices to allow me to include the VAT element so that my monthly VAT return is correct. i.e. if I have an invoice for £500, this may be £400 VAT, £90 duty and £10 admin fee. There is no VAT charged on this invoice so the correct VAT rate would be 0%.

However, I then cannot include the £400 VAT into my monthly return in Quickfile. Is there a way to add a manual adjustment?


There are VAT adjustment option at vat return screen it self

OK thanks for the quick reply!

Is this the only way to do this? The only problem with this is that my QF balances and account will all be out by £500…that’s just for one invoice. At the moment I’m sitting on VAT and duty invoices worth £2500 from DHL!

Is that VAT from DHL invoice only or on products it self, any import duty , excise etc is part of purchase cost, it wont go on vat return.

The VAT is the 20% charged on the goods I’ve imported from outside the EU. I don’t pay this to the supplier and it is treated as a 0% export from them so can’t add this to the supplier invoice.

When the goods arrive in the UK, DHL pay 20% VAT and a percentage of duty on the gross value of the goods to allow them to be released quickly. DHL then invoice me immediately for these costs.

I can reclaim the VAT as it is purchase VAT collected by DHL on behalf of HMRC. The question is how to enter this in Quickfile…!!! Very confusing! :frowning:

Just to check you are not on flat rate vat scheme?

For vat on imports paid by DHL, you can create supplier DHL and when create invoice, create a line item called VAT on import Invoice ref XXX, put 0 in net column , vat rate 20% and in vat column manually add vat amount , say £200 and then add few other line items for excise duty and dhl charges itself

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Wow! That was so easy, I didnt realise you could manually adjust the VAT sections with 20%

That should solve it, thank you so much!

you are most welcome

You may find the posting below helpful, which documents the process described FaradayKeynes: