Default payment method for suppliers

I have looked but can’t find a way of doing.
Within in suppliers is it possible or can you start making it possible to allocate a default payment method to suppliers. In a similar way that you can set-up default payment terms.

The best way to explain is, we only buy our diesel for the van from the local Tescos garage. The payment is always debit card and is never invoiced. So I can set there payment terms as 0 days so the date entry points on new purchases form auto fill, but I always have to select the drop down menu and change it from back transfer to debit card.
This may only take a few seconds but it is just one more click and mouse movement that could be removed for ever more and some times, in a rush it may not get changed and if it was for another supplier it may go through as bank transfer where it should have been credit card, as for other suppliers we only use credit cards with them.


Hi @HarefieldsCider

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve converted your topic to a feature request so we can monitor the interest in this going forward.

It’s worth noting however that the payment method has no bearing on your accounts is there mainly for your own records. It doesn’t need to be accurate. Nevertheless, we will happily take a closer look if there is enough interest from the community.

Well it will have a baring on my accounts if money is being allocated to the incorrect source. If it is a debit card or a bank transfer from the same account then no it won’t affect my accounts.