Delete an invoice from a linked quickfile client

I have received an invoice by push that is not applicable as it is an error by the other party after they changed some nominal codes. I am unable to delete the invoice at my end and the other party says nothing seems out of order to them as it all shows paid. How can I delete this spurious invoice?

Hi @Matt

Just wanted to clarify the situation. You mention it’s not applicable due to an error, but also that it’s paid in full - are you wanting to amend, or delete the invoice?

With a mapped invoice, you should see a unlink option at the top of the invoice view page, which should then allow you to do both.

As @QFMathew mentioned you will need to first unlink the invoice, then the option will appear to delete it.

I have revoked ownership but it still won’t let me delete the invoice. The original transaction was journaled in. Is it best to delete the invoice or delete the journal. Just to make things more challenging it is in a locked period

I will send you a private message so I can get some more information on the account and the exact invoice. Please look out for a private message (green notification in the top right).