Delete dummy data

How can I completely delete some dummy/test data entries I made?
In particular I have 2 invoices:
Invoice: #000001
Invoice: #000002
And 2 clients:
Client: BENNI
Client: TEST
If I do so I can get back the numbering when submitting a real invoice… that will have number 1 and not 3…

Hi @gmu

Do you have any other data on your account that you need to keep? You can’t delete invoices completely, unless you clear your account.

If you have data you need to keep (e.g. real invoices), you may wish to undelete the invoices, renumber them and re-delete them (prefix them with something like “TEST”).

The reason we don’t allow invoices to be completely deleted is for auditing purposes. HMRC likes continuous numbers, and if there are gaps, you have proof on why they are there.

Hope that helps

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