Delete Test Data Permanenty


Could you please guide me as to how can i delete the test data permanently and start afresh.

Hi @atlsystems

There’s an option within your settings are that will allow you to do this. Please see the following guide: How do I clear my account?

I cannot see the option to “Clear all data in your account” under Account Setting. Am I missing something?

This option is restricted to the main administrator of the account (for security). If you’re not the main admin, you will need to ask them to do it for you.

Of course, if you are the main admin and don’t see the option, let me know and we’ll take a look for you :slight_smile:


I did not see any option to select main administrator or otherwise. I cannot see the option to clear. Please guide.

I am the only person using (testing) the Quickfile - I like the software, hence I want to go live. If is easier then could you please delete the whole account at your end and I shall register again.

Also let me know where I could have made the choice to be Administrator?

Thank you.

The account administrator would normally be the login using the email address used to set up the account, unless it’s been changed since (only the administrator can change this).

If you’re not seeing this option and it was you who set up the QuickFile account, perhaps you used a different email address to do this?

If you’re completely lost, we can go through some security checks and take a look for you.

Actually, when you’re logged in, if you go to Account Settings >> Team Management, this will tell you who your account administration is

Thank you

I remember now, I did change the email address as I used my personal email address. I have managed to login and can see that option to clear the data.

Before I do anything can you please let me know - If I were to just delete the customers and invoices ( they are draft form) - Will I be able upload the client data without any problems ( like Duplicate Customers etc). and also will the invoices (Draft) which I have raised will come and haunt me in any way?

If I were to use the option to permanently delete the account will I be able to use the same login and same account name “atlsystems” again.? Will it be like I never had a account with you?

When I uploaded the data, on the client file there were 4 sets of clients who had same Customer name - The account reference and addresses were not the same - but Quickfile did not import them - saying dulplicate entries!!! Any solution?

It’s a permanent deletion, so it would be like they never existed within your account. They won’t appear there or be checked for any duplications.

Yes, although there may be a delay between the deletion and it being available again.

Each client has to have a unique name, so you would need to differentiate them in some way. Although I don’t know the specifics in this case, consider:

  • If it’s the same company, could you add a department or office name?
  • If it’s an individual client, do they have a middle name or initial?

Thank you for your detailed response. One clarification regarding the Permanent Deletion - you mentioned delay - what is the period of delay?

Thank you

I’ve just checked, and although a permanent deletion can take a bit longer, it shouldn’t prevent you from signing up with the same subdomain again straight away.

Thank you for your help.

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