Deleted amount by accident

Hi Guys, hoping you can help. For some reason and I know by accident I think I fell asleep on my keyboard but when I woke up there was I figure of £500 on the screen. I thought that I had undone the issue but now my QF banking is down by £500 exactly to my business account. Is there a way of undoing the issue I so stupidly have created please. I spent hours matching both accounts, forgot how far I went back but hoping you will know a way to solve this please.
Warmest regards.

Hi @andyburns

If you have a difference between your QuickFile bank balance and your actual bank balance, the best thing to do would be to reconcile your balance to identify the issue. There’s a guide on this here: Reconciling your bank

One thing that may help, is each line has an icon showing how the transaction was created (a cloud for a feed/journal, and a box and arrow for manually input). If you hover your cursor over this it will tell you when it was created.

Thank you for your reply Mathew, I did try “Reconcile” but it came up with a figure in a red box that didn’t match the 500 + another GO button which I pressed but nothing seemed to happen. I have however found the d/m/yr that the 500 is missing (mentioned that I can remember deleting that figure of some where in the depths of QF, not the main banking page). It was a payment from a customer for materials that was entered into QF as a prepayment back in December, the 17th for the said amount, QF shows the other 4/5 transactions but not this one. I’ve been on the customers page and looked at all payments including active, archived & deleted but still nothing. If now knowing the full info, is there a way of re entering this, my bank only allows me to go back 15 months to download (I found it through PDF file where I can go back far enough so I have the proof MR TAX Man LOL). Is it therefore possible if by no other means to manually input the info for the date, amount and as a prepayment to bring me back online ??
Massive thanks in advance Mathew and keep up the great work, lovin QF when I don’t mess it up !!
Warmest regards

Sorry forgot to mention it was the end of 2016 if that helps me out lol

That’s good news that you know which one is missing, and you certainly can manually add this back in.

  1. Firstly, add the bank transaction by clicking the green “Input transaction” button at the top of the bank statement view.

  2. Once it’s saved, click on the red “Tag me!” button, click Payment from customer, and then click the Pay down multiple invoices or hold funds on account option.

  3. Enter the name of your client, and save.

This saves it as a prepayment on their account for you.

Hope that helps!