Delivery address for invoice

How do I add a delivery address and order number to invoice template?

Hi equipservicesltd67,
I think there is no direct function to add a second address. You could may add this in the Notes box or you could just add this below the normal address but then you may have to work with the style css a bit.
When you click modify invoice and then client address you can add as many lines as you want but as I said before you may have to move the item box down using css.

I add the order number to Description, but you could also add this to Notes

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Hi @equipservicesltd67

There is an open feature request for this, which you may wish to add your vote to:
Delivery address / Site address on Sales Invoices

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Order number could be entered in the purchase reference box, or are you using this already? You can change the label using the CSS customisation.

Delivery/site address I use the comment line feature until we see this implemented in Quickfile. Minor pain reusing addresses/sites but if you find a previous invoice for that site you can just ‘make a copy’ and edit the invoice item lines.

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I will use the comment line as i use the reference box for the order number, good idea to copy previous invoices and edit them



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