Detagged and lost transaction


I de-tagged a transaction and now I cannot find the deposit in the register…the balance now shows a minus as a result… help!


Chris P

How was the transactions entered on the bank in the first place? Do you have the amount and date?

Hi Glenn,

The transaction was entered into the register by automated link from my Barclays account. The ammount was £450.00 on 31/05/2013

I don’t really know what happened… I had tagged it incorrectly (as I thought) and wanted to de-tag it to start again. However something flashed up on the screen too fast for me to read and then the next thing the entry was missing.

I have since re-added the same amount manually to complete the invoice I was trying to send. This and another amount were supposed to be set as credit against the client for me to draw from. However I also noticed something odd.

When I successfully added the missing transaction, then tried to draw it from the clients credit, there was already an amount of the same value deducted from the invoice total. This meant that there were now two deductions of 450.00. This was incorrect as I needed to deduct a second credit which was of a lesser amount so I deleted the one that had popped up. I managed to get the invoice sent with the correct amounts showing.

I am sorry if this is all a bit confusing but I think I have it under control now.

Would be greatful for any insite you have as to what may have happened.

I have had a similar occurrence on an amount received into the GoCardless account that was allocated to a customer (me in this instance) but not matched to an invoice.

When I de tagged the transaction it then disappeared from the GoCardless control account rather than allowing me to allocate it to an invoice

I would appreciate guidance on how to rectify this.

Many thanks


If a payment is created manually from an invoice and the bank transaction is detagged it actually deletes the payment along with the bank transaction. If the bank transaction is created first then linked as a payment to the invoice then no deletion occurs.

It’s always been like this but I admit it’s not intuitive. I’ve asked for this to be changed, it’s on our development list.