Different trading name and logo in one account?

I am wanting to know is it possible to make invoice that can have different logo and trading name to your main business name and logo? the reason i am asking is am planning to start internet based shop to sell goods but i want to have separate name to the main business trading as this name isnt a problem as it will still be part of the company but i like to make invoices that are not from the main business, i know i could set up another account but if i did that would it be possible to pull the data from that into this one for accounts records since when i submit self assessment it would be for both as one, i’m certainly open to suggestion on how to do this just want to make sure i am doing everything right such i will always pay right amount of tax and vat and vat is the biggest one ho i link both to one

You can’t use 2 different logos. However, you could use the same logo and a note in the footer or something?


@Glenn’s post here may be of some help too:

Only one trading style per account I’m afraid. This has come up before and may well be something we look into later.

I know it won’t be something simple and quick to implement but to me it should just be a case of

pseudo code

if alternative trading name and logo ticked

use alternative name and logo

else use default name and logo

to me that should be simple tick box but i know from writing programs myself that something as complex as this it isnt always that simple but it be nice feature would you have any objection to changing this to feature request rather than support

I didn’t convert to a feature request as it’s a duplicate conversation, I just don’t always have time to close all these duplicates down.



It’s very hard to gauge/track features when we have the same thing reposted multiple times.

You can pickup the top thread if you want to put any suggestions down. Although I can tell you it’s definitely not as simple as you suggest.

This is now support. Please see here for more details.