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I was at a seminar the other day when an accountancy firm was talking about the new HMRC process being brought in during 2019.

Briefly they mentionedm, as of April 2019 HMRC require all online portals to link directly to their systems, there will be no keying of information directly into their systems this includes VAT returns.
I understand that in certain cases these will be delayed until 2020 but in reality, we do not have long and there will be a lot of businesses who are not aware of this as the HMRC have not been very active on this.

Will Quickfile be linking itself directly to these feeds and the requirements from HMRC for quarterly returns and will this feature be a permanently on or can it be switched off for exempt businesses

Hello @mobix

QuickFile will work with Making Tax Digital (MTD) as much as possible. We have started work on this area, including an on-going trial with VAT returns using the new HMRC system, and a periodic report.

There’s more information on MTD here:

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Awesome thanks for letting me know

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