Direct Debit Paylink via API (Implemented)

Hi, is there any way I can fetch or create the direct debit signup/pre-auth link via the API? Would be nice to have a button on my app that ties it all up with QuickFile

You can create a link/button for generic authorisation of DD for client but it wont be specific to a particular client or invoice. For generic signup see my website it show gocardless button at bottom of site

That seems about right! Thanks for your help!
I think I understand now … so does quickfile link to the GC merchant account by it’s ID and then automatically update clients who have an existing pre-auth for their email address?
What I’m trying to achieve is … if a client sets up a DD via my site, QF will know about it and then I’m able to set their invoices to autobill without having to login to QF and match up the details.
Forgive my being hazy, I’m struggling to understand how QF links with GC :smile:

This isn’t currently support via the API but we’re always happy to add new functions. It sounds like something that would be very useful! I’ve noted it down on our development plan so we can revisit this soon.

Hi Glenn! Thanks for the feedback. It will certainly be very useful.

The tip from Faraday Keynes sounded like it would help but it seems GoCardless have removed the ability to create generic paylinks. I now have to link them to specific plans.

Reading up on the API, I can create generic pre-authorizations that way, but then I can only charge my customers via the API, which proves troublesome because then I can’t move the authorization to QuickFile (I don’t think) and therefore I can’t auto-bill my customers via direct debit.

It certainly would be handy to be able to extract a QF paylink from the QF API … then everything is tied together nicely. Any ideas when this could be implemented? It’ll save me a lot of headaches.

Thanks very much

For anyone struggling with this, I’ve discovered where GoCardless have hidden the generic paylink. In the GoCardless dashboard, you have to navigate to customers, and then ADD - in that popup, click links, where you’ll find the weblink.
If you’ve moved authority to Quickfile, you can then move each DD authorisation, once it’s completed by the customer, to Quickfile by clicking on the direct debit link on that client’s dashboard page.
Quick and dirty but it will work for now…

hummm getting all green ticks , lets see if it works

We’ve now made an update to the Client_Get API method so that you can request additional GoCardless information for any given client. You will need to specify this in the node GoCardlessDetails.

Here’s an example:


The API will then return one of two things.

  1. If the client already has a pre-authorisation you will get back a preAuthID.
  2. If no pre-authorisation exists you will get back a fully formed URL that will direct you to GoCardless to setup a new pre-authorisation.

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