Directors PAYE to Directors Loan

Hi. I lent to my company money and after started earning I started repaying myself weekly 350 pounds from my Director’s Loan.
Recently, my accountant started doing PAYE for me (as director) 1000 monthly.
I would like to keep weekly 350 payments from my Director’s loan, so my question is what is the easiest way to record 1000 PAYE in Director’s Loan Account?

Hello @awariat

I have included a link to a similar query and example from the forum below

Surely, the simple answer to this is also “never” since PAYE is never a loan and is payment for employment, as opposed to a Director taking money out of the business as a loan that they’d have to pay back.
The money they loaned the business would simply continue to be paid back to them completely separately from PAYE from the DLA until it was cleared, plus any interest they had agreed that the company could pay them for the loan.
The link to the other post is also good advice (even if the clarity leaves a little to be desired and a couple of screen shots would go a long way to making it easier to understand).