Disable Power User Subscription?

Hello, I think I signed up to a free trial of power user subscription. Now it’s asking me for payment and says I won’t be able to access the account without payment.

I just want to carry on using the free version of quick file for now, as my business still has a tiny turnover! I obviously hope that will change in time…

How do I revert back to the free version without getting stuck on the power user subscription payment page?


Hi @thewildings

I’ve just taken a quick look at your account and notice that you’re account fallings into the L category which requires a Power User Subscription to continue using QuickFile.

The introduction of an annual fee for Large and Extra Large accounts (1000 + nominal ledger entries) was announced on our forum in August 2015 (here).

I hope that helps

I’m a bit baffled how I have reached over 1000 nominal ledger entries as I only have 190 purchases and most of them contain only a single entry. Then I have a small number of invoices (fewer than 50) and a few transfers between accounts. Could my account have been labelled ‘Large’ in error? Or am I misunderstanding how nominal ledger entries are added up?

I took a quick look at your account…

There are ~200 invoices on the account (Sales and Purchase), each single line invoice would post 3 nominal ledger entries (non VAT invoices are typically 2 entries), which would bring you to around 600 entries. You then have around 300 bank entries, each bank entry would consist of 2 nominal postings. This would take you over 1,000.

We try to explain a bit more about how we determine account size here. You can also check the exact postings and backing calculations in Account Settings >> Company Settings.

Ah ok I see how it would add up if each transaction creates multiple entries. Thanks for explaining, and for your swift responses. Much appreciated.

In that case I’d best pay my subscription and crack on with getting some income for the business! At the moment the 'large’ness of my account is definitely all the money we are spending on investment rather than stuff coming in argh!

Thanks for the helpful software,


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