Discount for customer


i have a customer we normally give a set 5% discount too, is this possible to take this off an invoice?

Hi @Andrew_Milne. The way I’ve always done discount by adding another line to an invoice and adding a negative value to it (in turn reducing the total due).

I’m sure there’s no other way of doing this, but it works!

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@Parker1090 is correct, there is an example here. Using this method you can also discount off particular sales codes.

For management reporting purposes, you can also post all discounts provided to your clients to the ‘Discounts Allowed’ nominal code, this will be posted as a debit balance and at the end of the year can be journaled to sales, in order to reduce the total sales by the total discounts allowed.

Simply click the question mark on the discount line (?) and choose the category ‘Discounts Allowed’:

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