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Downloading Quick File

Hello, just wanted to know if it was possible to download all my QF records to my hard drive for my own security. I do a download of my entire system to external hard drive once a year, and I would like QF on it please? Any ideas? Thanks, Donducébjonos
When I mean download, I just mean copy QF for archiving purposes in years to come. Surely QF has a limited size for individuals? Thanks, Donducébjonos


Hello, thanks for that, except dropbox doesnt work with QF. thanks

It does and I have been using it for years without issue.

Hello, thanks for your input. I have always had issues with QF/dropbox as QF has said when I have tried to link to it that there is a technical error. I will try it again, but i do not rate dropbox professional at all. Just have tried it again and QF tells me that i have to verify the files?!! yeah ok?11…where?what?how?what in, dropbox or QF? Too confusing is dropbox. Dont rate it. Any ideas? thanks Donducébjonos

Not sure what that is all about then, maybe it’s because you have Dropbox Professional (do you mean business)?

I have several Quickfile accounts (about 5 or 6 now) and every single one has connected to Dropbox standard/free with no issues at all.

yes, I have business, is business no good then? If not, I will go for the free one/standard? Thanks for your input, I appreciate your help. Donducébjonos

I wouldn’t say that as I have never used it, just sharing my experiences with Dropbox. Maybe your issues are because you use that or maybe they aren’t, someone at Quickfile would have to confirm that but I have never seen anyone say they are using it and I have also never seen anyone say Dropbox Business doesn’t work.

As far as I’m aware, any type of Dropbox should work. I personally use Dropbox Pro without any issues.

@Donducebjonos - if you’re able to give us more details on errors and where you’re seeing them, we’ll try our best to help.

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Hello, I go to account settings, 3rd party int. Dropbox, and it says no accounts selected and i have to verify them. How do I select and verify please? thanks. Also, what is tagging and what are projects please? thanks. Donducébjonos

Hi @Donducebjonos

From the Dropbox set up page, if you click “Setup Dropbox Integration”, this will take you to the Dropbox website to login and approve access for QuickFile

Tagging is linking a payment defines what the payment is (e.g. from a client, to a supplier, transfer between accounts, tax payment etc.).

Project tags is a way to group sales and purchases invoices, estimates and purchase orders to a “project” so you can see things such as income and expenditure on a project by project basis. There’s more information on this here: Projects in QuickFile

Thank you for all of that info; the dropbox, I have linked it i think but I don’t know how to verify files to send to dropbox. It still says no items selected. How do i select them please? thanks, Donducé

Hi @Donducebjonos

All the files need to be put into a specific folder. Providing it’s syncing to Dropbox, we will import them within a few minutes.

There’s more details in the guide @Lurch linked to above. For your convenience, you can find it here: Dropbox integration setup

Hello Matthew, thanks for your info; what I wanted to do was to export QF to dropbox. However I can probably do it straight to my hard drive. I really don’t have any use for dropbox. Any ideas, thanks, Donducé, apart from sending large files to customers, possibly. All receipts I get I copy one to QF and one to my own records, so they are uploaded immediately from my scanner. Dropbox, no need, I don’t think.

Hi @Donducebjonos

The backup can be generated from the same guide @Lurch linked to above. Just ensure that you select the “Email” option rather than “Dropbox”.

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