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Dropbox Integration again

Dropbox integration has been working perfectly for the past few years, but it recently seems to have stopped. I’ve checked that the receipts are definitely in the correct Dropbox folder, but when I click the ‘poll Dropbox now’ button, I get this error:
“We were unable to locate any items for import, please ensure you are connected to the right Dropbox account and you have verified the files are present in the appropriate folder.”

I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting Dropbox to no avail.

Any ideas?

Hi @markrubix,

when you say you’ve checked the folder is this from an app or have you checked on a web browser to make sure that it has been synced successfully?

Hi Beth, I’ve checked it via both and it’s displaying in the app and in the browser.

Hi @markrubix,

Have you worked your way through this troubleshooter? Dropbox isn't working - What you need to check for first

Yes, tried all that.

As mentioned, it’s been working fine for years, so most of the items on that list aren’t applicable.

Hi @markrubix

Have you connected your Dropbox account to any other QuickFile accounts, or just the one?
Do you have any sub-folders in your Quick File Receipts folder?

All working again now… moved some of the files out and then back in and that seems to have sorted it.

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