Dropbox integration configuration

Hi there
When I click the ‘Setup Dropbox Integration’ button it skips the configuration and jumps onto the following page:

Do I need a power user to setup Dropbox?
Many thanks

Hello @Max

To completely reset this, first click remove Dropbox Integration and confirm.

Sign into your Dropbox account

  • Once signed in

  • Click on your picture in the top right

  • Settings

  • Connected Apps tab

  • Click the arrow to the right of QuickFile (if it is listed)

  • Click Disconnect

  • Go back to QuickFile
  • Account Settings
  • 3rd Party Integration
    You can now Setup Dropbox and allow permissions as normal

Do I need a power user to setup Dropbox?

No, you can integrate with Dropbox without a Power User Subscription

Great, thanks Steve.