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Dropbox intergration - reconnected after deleting "linked" account in Dropbox

" Are you sure you’re synced to the right Dropbox account? It’s easy if you have multiple Dropbox accounts to link QuickFile to a different account to which you are depositing files. If in doubt disconnect and reconnect your QuickFile account to Dropbox paying close attention to the email address you provide on authorisation."

I have been doing a bit of maintenance on Dropbox for a/c ****0451 and disconnected the intergration. Have been unable to reconnect;

Deleted QF from “connected apps” in settings and gotten it linked and sending stuff through to the Receipt Hub

Hi @alan_mcbrien,

The error that you have shared is when the account is connected but there are no files in the folder to be imported. Have you checked that you’ve linked the correct drop box account? If you are logged in on your web-browser for example on Chrome, when you go to link dropbox it will automatically connect to the account linked to your google account. It may be worth going to dropbox.com - log out from there and then attempt to reconnect through QuickFile.

That way you can be sure you have linked the correct dropbox account.

Hope this helps

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Hello @QFBeth, Thank you for the addiitonal information, that was checked and the correct Dropbox was connected. Cheers, @alan_mcbrien

Have you tried removing the missing files and re-adding them to the folder in dropbox?

All working, tested and received items through Dropbox to QF Receipt Hub, I have not mentioned anything about “missing files”!

Glad you’ve got it working. The error that you shared shows that a dropbox account is linked but that there is nothing in the file to sync with QuickFile, hence ‘missing’.

I get where your coming from with the preamble that I posted, but we have had crossed wires, a little bit confusing but basically I was adding additional information to help other users on how to fix something that may crop on this platform. Perhaps my additional comments are not helpful, or perhaps they may be of help.

If you consider this topic has no useful contribution to the forum then I would prefer this item is redacted, as no need to add confusion to the system.

Anyhow, thank you for your support.

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