Dropbox only transferring some files

Are there restrictions on what will be transferred through Dropbox/Apps/Quick File Receipts? Some of my receipts just sit there, while others go through. Same whether I scan with my Android 11 phone, or copy in with my Linux Ubuntu 20.04 laptop. I tried taking them out and putting them back, but that didn’t work.


Hi @Jonathan_Rougier

There are some restrictions. They are mainly outlined here: Dropbox isn't working - What you need to check for first

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Beth. According to the guidelines all of the files should have transferred. I manually polled my Dropbox folder and it said “We were unable to locate any items for import”. Some are going through, it’s currently just a stubborn six that are sticky (3 PDF, 3 JPG, all under 1MB, no duplicate names among untagged). For now, what do you think about me going to the Receipt Hub and just dumping them in directly via the Browse box?

Hi @Jonathan_Rougier

Did you check the names of the files don’t have any characters that could be stopping them? Otherwise yes, you can just dump them directly via the browser or you could email them in if you’ve got the email set up for receipt hub

hi Beth, the letters in the filenames are just alphanumeric, underscore, and hyphen. I’m sure I’ve used these successfully lots of times before. I’ll dump the files in next time I am in my QF account. But perhaps you could pass this bug on to your integration team. Thanks, Jonathan.

@Jonathan_Rougier Yes of course, I’ve made them aware that there are some issues - it may be helpful if you could send copies of the files to us so we can test.

If you send them in a message to @QFSupport I can ask them to take a look

Thanks, I’ll do that, J.

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