E-mail invoices not reaching client

Hi. I created a new client but made an error it the e-mail address. I corrected the client details and re-sent the invoice. The client has still not received the invoice. Is this a QF issue? Am I better off cancelling the invoice and starting again?

Hi @damac80

There are currently no issues with QuickFile.

Are there any records of the email being bounced back? (see here for info: Email Complaints and Bounces)

Do you have a Power User Subscription on your account?

I have formed an impression that there has been a general tightening up of spam filtering recently. I have certainly been seeing more false positives in my junk folder and some messages lost due to false positives in my provider’s pre-filtering.

I always send new clients a separate email advising that the invoice has been sent in case their email provider decides to zap it.

It doesn’t help that people may not know where to look to check for spam. At the last company where I was an employee there were two different folders to check, one on company webmail and one on the desktop email client. (Guess how many people ever looked at one let alone both)

If the recipient has suffered from a lot of fake invoices it is possible that their security is jacked up too high. Workarounds include making sure that they list you as a safe sender in their email security and you can try fooling the filters by changing the title like to avoid the word invoice,

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why not quickly add your own address, resend it and then set it back, then you can forward it from your own email address in the meantime…

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