Ebay Feed - cant auto create sales invoice

Hi QF Supprt,

We have been using Ebay integration (managed payments feed) & it works nealry perfect except for the fact that sales registered cannot be auto invoiced. The reason seems that create rule doesn’t trigger as sales is it tries to match customer name imported from Ebay Feed which will be different as for each sales. Am I doing something wrong here or does ‘Create Rule’ process needs tweaking. Just for reference in the past invoices will be auto created & booked under ‘Ebay Sales’ & description part of invoice had further details about customer name etc. So this feature worked in the past.

Hope this can be looked in to.


Hi @galarahul

I have moved your post into it’s own thread so that it doesn’t get lost. You may be able to tweak the rule so that it doesn’t look at the customer name but at something else in the description that would cover all the payments.
So maybe a rule set up using Payment received from could work?

Hi… I have mentioned this before during the testing phase of this feed and put a feedback/idea list together (below) which i believe was passed over to the development team for them to mull over and hopefully put in place when time/money etc allows… :wink:

  1. Auto tagged/creating a sales invoice with address & postcode
  2. Listings title placed in the Description field
  3. Order Number (looks like: 23-05469-9**** ) Placed in the Purchase Reference field
  4. Client Name” on quick file had the ebay username in, as obviously that’s unique to them and the buyers real name to “name”
  5. Refunds (using the same order number in the QF ref field) support (but from what i can make out they never refund the fixed fee part 0.35p inc vat.
    Only the Standard variable amounts… (all this can be left untagged to manually sort/check though, as paypal does i guess)
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We’d rather adapt bank tagging rules to auto-create invoices for eBay. The reason being is it becomes extremely compex and time consuming to develop customised logic for every feed we integrate, it’s always better if we can centralise that processing to one dedicated system.

In terms of retrieving extended order information for the invoice, this is particularly difficult with eBay as they have multiple endpoints to retrieve order specific information from, this really extends the run time on the feed and the underlying complexity.

We would also assist any developers out there looking to build a marketplace app that can pull the detailed eBay order information and generate relevant client invoices in QuickFile.

Hi Beth,

The ‘Payment Received from’ is the infact the problem, what it does is it pulls individual customer name from Ebay which means if there 10 sales all will have 10 different customer names & a rule to lumping them together under one client account on QF - say ‘Ebay Sales’ is not possible.

I actually found why it was working when Paypal was managing the payments. The reason is that in the feed settings of Paypal, all payments coming in could be lumped together under one client name & we called this as ‘Ebay Sales’, this wroked perfect as all invoices will be raised to client Ebay & description will have further details. The rule was based where the payment is coming from / coming in to, rather than name of the customer.

It’s strange in Ebay Payments, this feature is missing ie to club all sales under one client. I think it’s obvious that all sales coming in to Ebay Payments account will be from Ebay sales & so at least an option if not by default to enable this feature should be there. This automation setting feature which was available previously seems missing.

If there is a way around please let me know or if there are plans to bring that feature back on to Ebay Payments.


We could really do with this feature enabled on Ebay Payments bank account.

I believe a solution here would be to setup a bank tagging rule where the reference starts with “Payment Received from”. This should then match all entries coming in through eBay. The only thing which I feel may help here is if we can allow rules to be locked to specific bank accounts only, so it doesn’t start picking up false matches.

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The problem with Payment Received from is that it pulls customer name from Ebay transaction. All sales transactions have obviously different customer names, so I am not sure how this would work to club them together under a single client. I couldn’t do this from Bank Tagging Rules menu either as there is only Match Text option, but I dont have anything common on all Ebay sales transactions being pulled through that a rule can be created to be auto invoiced. Further you are also right to point out that rule will also need to be applied to a specific bank account, which cannot be done at the moment on Bank Tagging Rule screen.

But I am just wondering why not bring back the ‘Automation Settings’ feature that was on PayPal settings on to Ebay Payment Account ? Users who want to club invoice to a single client will use it with box ticked like in the past. Those who don’t can do manual invoicing. Also there is no risk of picking up any false matches as by default the setting is applied on to Ebay Payment account only.

Your rule would look something like this:

This would match any bank entry that start with “Payments received from” and tag them all to a single client.

PayPal has a higher level of customisation simply due to the period of time we’ve supported it and the demand which stems from PayPal’s popularity. These features were developed over the last 8 years.

Oh now I see what you mean is to use “Payment received from” as a text to match, instead of the feature that I had been thinking all along. I can see this will do the trick.
Fingers crossed lets hope other integrations - Stripe, Barclays & PayPal don’t use the same text in their descriptions. Many thanks for the tip.