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New Integrations - April 2021

Alternatively, if you do less than 200 transactions a day, you could import the individual transactions on the feed and bulk tag 0% ones at 0% and bulk tag the rest to 20%?

Hi @Paulwk1972, It’s 200 sales, excluding any corresponding fee entries. Only 1 aggregate fee entry is entered per day.

@awariat the feed imports the bank entries but won’t automatically tag the entries to invoices, at least not at this stage. To my knowledge eBay don’t pass VAT information in their API, I have raised this question with the devs, so we can look into it (edit: confirmed).


@Glenn Got a problem with the feed which needs looking into.

I tried to privately message some of the QF staff about it but it seems as though no one is accepting messages at this time?

Can you or one of the other staff inbox me asap?


Hi @Paulwk1972

You can send messages to @QFSupport, which goes to all of the support team

Good news on Brightpay. Is this only for Brightpay 2021 - 2022 or also for 2020 - 2021?

I agree that Crezco looks very interesting but with no obvious way to monetize the service I worry that we could get stuck in the future with a pricing model out of proportion to the number of users that take it up.

I initially was excited by this as in theory it all sounds great, instant payment with no fees, but when most customers get confused by links and online invoicing/payments anyway I feel this will just add more confusion when a customer opens the invoice and gets a code to scan when they are doing it all on the mobile anyway. Seems this is an integration that is meant to be used on a computer to scan the code from your phone? The article seems to skip over this point.

Hi @Lurch

If the user is on a mobile, when they press “Continue” next to Crezco, it’ll redirect them and start the process without the need to scan anything, because as you say, they’re already on their phone.

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Ah OK, well that’s good! You should update the KB article to reflect this as it says “When the client selects this payment method a QR code will be displayed.” which I assume just refers to if they open the link on a computer then?

Correct :slight_smile:

We’ll get that updated

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Yeah, the Crezco thing looks too good to be true - if they’re not charging any fees to either the sender or the recipient of the money then how are they staying in business? Ultimately somebody must be paying for the service they provide…

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I was wondering the same and wrote an email to crezco about it but they did not come back to me, so far.
I know from companies like treecard, they get paid from the credit/debit card companies like visa. They get a small fee every time the credit card owner uses the card. So, there is no direct usage fee for the card owner.
But with crezco, I think there is not card provider involved because it is a kind of bank transfer. As I said, I was wondering the same but I had no response from them so far.

Indeed, the only thing I can think is if they’re getting some kind of kickback from the banks involved in the scheme but it’s hard to see what’s in it for the banks from that kind of arrangement.

It’s a bit like one of those Top Cashback/Quidco things probably. I guess the banks want you to use their systems rather than a 3rd party payment processor? There will be some correlation between paying by BACS and them receiving more fees from certain clients, or getting more clients overall.

eBay doesn’t work correctly. It shows different data I have. Are they fees only?

Hi @awariat,

The ebay feed is still in its early stages, if you have anything that you’d like us to take a look at please feel free to send a message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number and the issues you are having

@awariat please bear with us on the Ebay feed. I apologise, we did notice an issue over the weekend in regards to the aggregate total setting which is in the process of being fixed.


We released an update today which should address this issue. We will continue to monitor the feed.

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I noticed while doing an ‘impersonate client’ that the text on the invoice is also worded in the same way so that needs looking at too, assuming you are sure that it will forward you to a banking app if you’re on a mobile?

As a customer receiving that I wouldn’t use the Crezco option as it clearly says I need to scan a QR code.

Hi @Lurch

This was picked up recently and I believe the fix is going live later today / Monday :slight_smile:


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