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I have disabled trying to send emails through my domain as it randomly doesn’t seem to work, may be me, may be you not able to contact my server, I don’t know, but it needs to be reliable really else i can’t trust the automated sending of invoices.

Do you have any logs to find out what the errors are?

Who is the domain with, or more specifically who is hosting the mail side of things?

Hi @unclechunk

Are you able to confirm your account number please?

Are you also able to provide me with any errors you’re seeing?

If the SMTP connection you have specified fails for any reason we will use our own mail server as a fallback, so this shouldn’t result in any of your invoices failing to go out. We have internal logs we can refer to if required, we’d just need to know your QF account number.

The most common reason for SMTP credentials to fail is if the password is changed or your provider has but a block on us accessing your account, often as a precautionary measure. We find that in the latter case this happens when you’re using a large shared email service like or

Hi Glenn,
still having email issues, I have a client thats not receiving from me at all now and i’ve not received the cc copy either.
Any idea what the problem is?

Looking at account ending 8367, there’s no SMTP credentials configured and the emails are getting dispatched from your own custom email address. If you go to Account Settings >> Routine Emails you will see the following warning.

The simplest fix is to have us sending the emails from our mail server, all you’d need to do for this to happen is click the “fix this for me” link in the red box illustrated above.

i’ve set it to the noreply option. Thanks

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