Email receipt of payment from bank tag

It could be good to see option of emailing receipt of payment from client while tagging it from bank receipt as well, at the moment it is only possible to send email receipt if logging payment from invoice screen.


Right now that would be the case yes…We want to avoid overloading the tagging feature with 100s of options, it needs to remain lightweight and fast. I think once you get into the realm of preparing messages from the tagging dialogue it becomes to cumbersome.

You already have feature of messaging its just matter of displaying that option on tag screen

Yep as a tick box it may work (i.e. no facility to edit the content of the message). Right now when you manually log a payment there is an option to override the default message which would be overkill on the tagging side. We can certainly consider this when we next revise that area.

Ok so if I allocate a payment from the invoice screen in order to send a receipt confirmation to the client, how can I then tag the payment that is imported from the bank account? Obviously now it won’t find the transaction to tag the payment to.

This feature has now been implemented.

You can now send a payment confirmation email from the bank tagging area for sales and purchases when either creating a new invoice or linking a bank entry to an existing invoice in the bank tagging dialogue box.

Linking a payment to an existing invoice

Creating a new invoice from bank tagging

Thanks Glenn, this seems like a handy feature to have even if you don’t use it regularly and one gets a one-off supplier/customer who would like a payment confirmation.

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looks good, where exactly can we see what the email actually contains, and limited companies by Law in the UK are supposed to have certain information displayed in all correspondence regardless of it being a letter/post or email etc.

Is there a new out bound message template that can be edited ?


It’s the same as the one you can send via the Invoice payment screen. To edit it:

Ok thanks for the info :smiley:

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