Email tokens for company name

Is there a company name or account reference token that can be inserted into the New Invoice Created email?

We get copies of these emails which we then save on our correspondence system but it takes a long while having to look up who the invoice was sent to where the name is just “Chris” for instance and we have several clients called Chris


Hi @Ashden

There isn’t one for the new invoice email unfortunately.

We can certainly consider this in the future however.

I would appreciate it if you would as I have clients asking for this for their own invoicing too

I understand your use case above (in regards to searching for specific emails to clients for example), but I’m not sure I understand the one where clients are asking for this in the email?

If we understand the use cases in the best possible way, it helps us ensure that if it’s added, it’s done in the most beneficial way possible.

We want the Customer/Company name or the account reference to be included as a token that can be inserted into the new invoice created email. At the moment we only get the First name for the contact on the account.

We require this for our own invoicing and we have had clients who also use Quickfile as us if it is possible to include this when sending out their own invoices for the Quickfile system

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