Employees Expenses

How is best to mark employees expenses down in our accounts? We need to pay them back from our business bank account. We would need to tag the expense out of the business account as a repayment for all the expenses.


Anyone have any ideas ?

You can create a virtual bank account called “employee expenses” and tag any purchase invoices as paid to this account when the payment was made out of the employee’s own pocket. When you reimburse the employee from your business current account, you can tag as a transfer to the employee expense account to balance things off.

This is one possible solutions, although you may also want to consult with your accountant on this.

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OK thanks Glenn.

On another note, I have added a custom style to my invoice so it shows every alternate line in grey. It shows on the preview screen with all the options for the invoice at the top. If I click to print the invoice then this doesn’t show. Any ideas why the grey lines aren’t showing?


The PDF generator doesn’t recognised some CSS3 rules, it’s quite basic. Did you use :nth-child(even)?

Yep I used the below:

tr.invoice-items-row:nth-child(even) {
  background-color: #eeeeee;

Yes unfortunately the PDF converter can only interpret basic CSS (no pseudo classes), it will work fine in the web view just not the PDF version.

Thanks Glenn. Is there any way to send the invoice to the client with the alternate grey lines?


Not in PDF format, although if they click the link to view the invoice, the alternate row shading will be visible.

Instead of using zebra striping have you considered applying a faint grey line under each row;

Personally I think this looks cleaner and it’s more print friendly.

.invoice-items-row td{
    border-bottom: solid 1pt #ccc;

Yep that looks good. Ive just tried putting that onto the CSS for the invoice but it hasn’t changed ?

For this would it be best marking the account type as a current account or loan account ? Or something else ?

Sorry that CSS example was wrong… I’ve just amended it.

I would use loan account, but it won’t make much difference other than where the account is listed.

Ah ok thanks. Do you have the CSS for the above also as I can’t see it ?


See my comment above, the CSS was wrong originally, then I updated it. I’ve updated it on your account also.

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Ah, yep got it. Thanks Glenn! :slight_smile:

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