End of month profit and loss report

Is there any way I can produce a custom report that allows me to see my end of month profit and loss and my year to date profit and loss at the same time?

We do have a profit and loss report that is broken down into monthly periods, however this is an advanced feature that is only available on Affinity accounts.


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you can export data to excel to create these reports using date range

You’re welcome to try this for a custom report:

Gross: (4000:4999)+(5000:5999)
Net: (4000:4999)+(5000:5999)+(6000:9999)

View it as a bar graph. Double check the numbers - I think they’re correct though!

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OK thanks - how can I become an Affinity member?

Affinity was designed originally for accountants and bookkeepers looking to manage multiple accounts under one login. You can register for Affinity using the link below, then link your existing QuickFile account to the Affinity dashboard.


Each Affinity account comes with a free £10 credit which should last a couple of months (at least) depending on your account size.

There’s an Affinity price calculator here:


You can determine your account size by going to Account Settings >> Company Settings.

Great thank you very much!

Great feature as always Glenn

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Hey @Parker1090 , cheers for this. Looks what I’m after. Should be a standard report really.