Error Message importing Lloyds bank statments

Hi there!
I have been trying to import some bank statements and keep getting this error message:

There was an error processing your file
The CSV file appears to be corrupt.
Error: The CSV appears to be corrupt near record ‘10’ field '5 at position ‘0’. Current raw data : ‘’.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I delete record 10 - I still get an error message about the second to last transaction: This is happening when I try and up-load any statement. Excel csv LLoyds Bank account on a Mac.
Last month they all up-loaded fine with no problems at all!
Any help greatly appreciated,

Are you modifying the CSV file at all before uploading? We noticed that some banks are actually issuing corrupted CSV files, I.e. not following the correct formatting conventions for CSV. As we’ve recently updated our CSV parsing sotfware this may introduce a problem.

Are you able to export in QIF or OFX instead? Both these formats are supported in Quick File.


Upon further investigation Lloyds are including non-ASCII characters in their CSV. We’ve written a few workarounds which should solve this problem. Unfortunately they won’t go live until later this week, in the mean time I would suggest uploading QIFs.

Same problem here, will wait for workaround, if you delete everything under the statement ie blank stuff, and save it, worked for me.

Thanks Guys!
I have used the QIF option for one bank account which worked! The other bank account I don’t have access too, just the statements so will wait for the workarounds. Thanks for looking into it for me, really appreciated!
Kind regards

I just had the same problem, however when i looked at the CSV file, it had an extra comma at the end of the header line, once i removed that, it imported it ok.

Also just had this problem, tried the QIF download instead - all appears to be well with this workaround.

We’ve implemented a fix for Lloyds CSVs. We’ve tested on a handful and it appeared to work fine. Please let me know if you have any further difficulties with Lloyds statements.

Hi Glenn,
Wow that is great, thank you so much! Really appreciate the time spent on this issue.
Kind regards

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