'Estimate' wording showing up on Invoices

I have gone into >Invoice Customisation >> Invoice Notes >>
The Default Estimate Notes are showing up on Invoices.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @JohnF

When you go into the invoice you should be able to click the import default which should bring in the relevant invoice/estimate wording:

Yes thank you, but when you convert an estimate to an invoice you have to ‘Import Default’ again? I thought this would be automatic. Seems a bit clunky and open to error if it’s a manual task.

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Hi @JohnF

Yes, you have to use the “Import Default” option again to update it.

When you raise an estimate, you may specify specific terms for that client in the notes, so we won’t automatically populate these boxes with the default invoice settings.

I’ve not tried it, but you may be able to automate this if you have a Power User Subscription

Hi John,

Further to what @QFMathew has said there is a feature request which you may wish to add your vote to? Automatically update notes when converting estimate to invoice

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OK thank you for explaining.

Thanks, I have added a vote.

Well that has answered my question then. I was thinking about this as I was driving home last night and was going to ask if it can be done with a custom script. I’m sure it can, just need to have a proper play when I get 5 mins!

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