Export Data - figures multipled by 10

today I made my first export data in CSV excel file.
The exported reports are:

  • sales invoices
  • estimates invoices

In both csv files the amounts are all multiplied by 10.

Thanks for providing.

Kind regards
Andreana Guariso
Mirty International Ltd

Are you sure you just haven’t formatted the columns so they show decimal places?

Hallo Paul, yes I am.
I have a good advanced excel competence.
I would like to attached the two files, but here it seems impossible.

You could see that the right amounts (5.000 euros per document) is correctly shown, but as soon as you transform the visual, spreading the data from one column to the regular numbers of columns, the amount suddenly is multipled x10.

Please inform how I coud send them to you.

Kind regards
Andreana M. Guariso

I had a look in my backup and everything seems to be ok. It sounds a bit that when you receive and open the backup in excel everything is fine but as soon as you start to change something the number are multiplied by 10, is that right? If so, then there is a wrong format in your columns or a formula or so. As Paul mentioned it is maybe more an issue in your Excel rather than on the quickfile side.
Could you perhaps provide some screen shots and a more detailed description of what are you doing and what is happening. I am sure someone here would be able to help you

In the csv there are no formulas, since it is still a database. Since here you cannot upload more than 2 files, please find here what follows:

  • 1 original csv files as per export action
  • the same after spread action

6131572884_Invoice_03d69a24-3ed.csv (773 Bytes)

SPREAD 6131572884_Invoice_03d69a24-3ed.csv (651 Bytes)

That’s the file which you received from quickfile and I open it on my device

It looks pretty good to me.
Could you provide more details what you try to do with that file/data. Why do you try to change something?
I can change all fields in your file and no values are added or multiplied by 10. The second file you provided is a different file and the values are multiplied by 10000 not just 10. I can also save the original file and when I open it again it looks exactly like the original file.
It is definitive something you do or something in your Excel is wrong and has nothing to do with quickfile.
As I said, what do you try to achieve and I or maybe someone else is able to help you?

First of all I thank you for this prompt help. It sounds strange to me first, because it never happened in my life and I use advance excel everyday. Now to check, I am submitting the csv file to some people to see what happen to them. I will update you later.

after a survey around it seems the problem is due to the different use of commas and points. My friends transforms it in the right way. Unfortunately due to a strange bug, despite I give the right instructions, my excel is still reproducing the multiplied figures.

I apologize for taking you time on this issue. I should never thought my excel has a problem

I renew my thanks and now I will try reinstalling the software.

Kind regards

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