Export data

I would like export all estimate and sales with as much data as possible as I would like to do some analysis on conversion rates etc. Is there any quick way to do this without having to choose one page to another.
Additionally have a relationship between estimate and sales.

I am a first time user so apologies if this is a simple thing to do.


Hi @Juwelak

You certainly can export your data by using the backup tool. This will produce several .csv files with information on bank accounts, invoices, estimates etc.

The relationship between an invoice and an estimate however, wouldn’t be shown I’m afraid, but you may be able to filter the data in Excel or other spreadsheet software to help achieve what you’re after.

I hope that helps!

Many thanks for the prompt response. Ca we have multiple schedules? So at the moment we have one going to our accountants but I would want data for a different purpose.

Unfortunately you can only have one schedule set up. You could however amend the back up, use the “Run now” option, and change it back once it has been completed.

In all honesty, the best way to send data to your accountant is to provide them with a log in to your account directly (either by adding them as a team member, or by connecting to their Affinity account - depending on their situation).

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