Export sales being automatically incorrectly recorded in General Sales contd

Sorry - missed the reply and the topic has been closed. In response to the latest question - no, there’s no inventory being used, the invoices are for the supply of consultancy services only.


When you create the invoice and select the client then the nominal will be set to the default.

If you then type in the item column and then select something offered to you in that box then the nominal will change to the default of that selection.

If you are just typing freehand and not selecting anything then the default nominal will stay as what you have set it for that client

I have checked in the Client Management dashboard and the default is set for “General Export Sales”.

Just to clarify one point, the “inventory” isn’t just about physical stock. It lets you pre-define invoice lines with your own pre-set combination of all or any of nominal, description, unit price and quantity. These over-ride the client default. We regularly use it for services and discounts as well as sales from stock.

I have done some tests and can’t replicate your issue, my test invoices are quite explicitly going to the nominal set as client default. All I can think is that, as Beth suggests, you are using an item code that has a different nominal defined.

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