Exporting account transactions

Apologies if this is a basic question but how do I export all bank transactions for a particular account between two dates.

I am sure I have done this previously but I can’t see a report that does it .

I thought I could do an ‘Advanced Search’ to find all the transactions and export the result of that but it only seems to export the current page of 50 transactions.

There must be a way of doing this


I think you can do only 50 at a time or you can do this by doing an account back up - have a look here: Create a data backup schedule

But you have to look then for your date range manually in excel or libreoffice or what ever you use.

That seems an extremely clunky way of doing something simple

I think this is what you are after but it may not give you all the detail you may want.

Try this:

Reports>Balance Sheet
Choose the bank account you want and click on the magnifying glass icon
Change the dates and then hit update
Then click on Export Date
Choose all data in range

This should give you a csv file of all the bank transactions between dates

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Hi Echohead,
Thanks for the solution. It is working perfectly. It is funny that it is working this way and when I go directly to the current account it will download only 50. There is no option such as download this date range.
A few extra steps but it is working, if you go over the balance sheet - thanks again Echohead. Something learned today.

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