Exporting - data from 1 QuickFile account to another

I have now set up a new quick file account for our new limited company “Class Cleaning Solutions Ltd”. We already had a quick file account for Class Cleaning services. I have also set up Affinity so I can see both accounts. However, I need to export all the data from Class cleaning services over to the new company Class cleaning solutions ltd. we will be running the two companies along side each other for now but eventually Class Cleaning services will disappear. I can’t seem to find how to export the data I need. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello @enquiries1

We can copy over client and supplier accounts for you.

Please let me know if you would like me to do this for you.

As you are moving from a partnership to a limited company they would be 2 different legal entities so I would assume that would be all that needs copying over?

The easiest way to get data out of QuickFile is to do a backup which is a csv of all of your ledgers and this would be emailed to you (similar to the example below)


Hi Steve

Thanks for coming back to me so fast.
If you wouldn’t mind copying over the suppliers and clients that would be great.

If you could also do the backup too that would be brilliant and email it to me.
We are at the early stages of setting up the Ltd company but it would be nice to have everything ready when it goes live.
Thank you again and have a good Christmas.

Mike Brown
Class Cleaning Services
07946 199811

You can do the backup by yourself. Have a look here

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