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Exporting invoices

How do i export all my invoices and quotes out of QF? Any suggestions would be my appciated

Hello @Suits

You can perform an account backup which would give you a zipped file of your account data in .CSV format. Part of this would include the invoices and estimates/quotes.

There’s more information on this here: Create a data backup schedule


Thank you for your input. I did this on the date you responded to my post. And it worked perfectly. Though i am now doing it again and i can’t go back more than today’s date for the backup. Could you let me know where i am going wrong?

Thank you QFMathew

Hi @Suits

I’m not sure I follow with regards to the date? The back up itself is a snapshot of your account within the last few hours. There’s no way to take a back up from a previous date.

Thank you for your quick response.

I need to export all transaction including invoices, quotes and customer information in a CSV. file from December last year. How do i go about doing this?


You could either export everything bit by bit, but this would be limited to 50 per page. Or you can run an account export, but this would include all data on the account for all time.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way of just exporting data between 2 dates.

Understood, How do i go about doing a complete export?

You can run it from within your account settings. You can either run a 1 off backup, or schedule it: Create a data backup schedule

Hi Mathew,
Thank you for sending over the link for the backup.
I have followed the link and then the instructions. I am only able to do a weekly of monthly back up in the back up settings.

How do i do a complete back up?

The back ups are complete back ups of everything you have on your account. The weekly/monthly back ups are just the schedule and not the depth of the back up.

Hope that makes sense?

How do i do a complete export?

Hi @Suits,

If you want to run a back up now then you just need to select: image

This will then send you all the files either to your dropbox or email whichever option you have selected

Thank you Beth for the quick response.

Will this be all my data? And do i find this in “Monthly/Weekly Backups” in “all settings”?

Yes, this will be all the data, and yes in the same place as where you would schedule future back ups