Extend Quote/Estimate custom name to other parts of the interface

I appreciate this has been discussed before however I cant seem to get consistency.
I have changed Estimate to Quote. My “quotes” now say Quote on them. In the dashboard I have a quote button. But there are still occasional references to Estimate.
The customer area has a estimate button.

Is there actually a way for all references to Estimate to say Quote/Quotation?


I believe the custom label only applies to the actual document and any relevant fields within the document (e.g. quotation date, quotation total etc). It does not extend to the interface.

We could possibly consider embedding this label on the interface, but most likely only within the client area rather than the core interface. Right now we are very busy with a lot of house cleaning stuff, so it’s unlikely we can work on any new features in the next 4-6 weeks.

Thankyou. At the moment my dashboard shows Create/View estimates down left hand menu.
If I hover over sales on top bar, it says Quotations. However if you press this, it then says Estimates
Create new Estitmate, Estimate Ref etc.
If you create/amend an estimate, I have the document titles Quote

It would be nice to set everything to be Quote not Estimate.

Hopefully hear from you in a couple of months.

Thank you

(Other than this really great product!)