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I have just exceeded 1000 transactions for this year and have a 14 day extension in place. I will be paying the £45 + vat fee in the next few days which the system indicates will last for 12 months. It is likely that during the next financial year ( Feb1 2020 to Jan 31 2020) due to changes in the business model the number of nominal transactions will be within the XS to S size. Will I need to renew the subscription next year or will it revert back to free.

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The 1000 threshold is on a rolling 12 month basis so it depends when your model changes - once you start creating fewer transactions per week/month it’ll likely take a few more months to feed through to the point where your rolling 12 month total falls back below 1000, so you might find you have to make one more renewal than you thought.

But still, QuickFile’s subscription price is insanely good value compared to the competition.

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Hi @Peter_Barker,

Further to what Ian has said, you can keep an eye on your 12 month nominal count in the account settings. I have pasted the link to the guide below:

Account size explained

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