Finding untagged invoices

To help with managing projects, how can I easily identify transactions that have not been tagged?


At the moment there’s no way to easily see within a list of invoices which items have been tagged, you’d need to jump into each item to manually check. We may introduce a feature to easily see what’s not tagged when we carryout our second round of development on the project tagging area.

Any idea when that might be? It’s very difficult to know if you’ve included everything, especially when setting up a project for the first time and there’s a large backlog of invoices to allocate.

We’ve only recently launched the projects features. There are a few improvements we’d like to implement, unfortunately I can’t provide any fixed time-frame right now, we have quite a few jobs on at the moment.

This feature gets my vote. Project tagging is a very powerful feature and the ability to identify any un-tagged items completes it.


I want to add my vote here too.

I was told to use backups to find the purchases and invoices without a tag.

After today, I need to request this feature, because:

  • You only allow to get 3 backups per day, and because I need to check everytime I adjust some things, I pass that limit really easy.
  • It takes too long to get the backup, and this create an unnecessary load into your servers.
  • It takes a while to get the zip, unpack, open the csv and filter. And then find the ones on the advanced search, using names or dates.

So one thing that could be 2 clicks with the proper filter in advanced search, takes forever.

Considering that I need to tag properly all sales and purchases if I want to use properly the project tags it seems that this is a missing part of the puzzle.

I think it should not be that difficult to implement, due that you already have the “show tags” button on the same page, so the info is already there.

Please consider this upgrade in the future.


@expertoswp - I’ve merged your post back into the original feature request as this makes it easier for us to track the support for these ideas.

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Oh, I didn´t remember this post. Sorry for that and thanks!

This has now been implemented (see below).

Project Tagging Updates (January 2018)