Project Tagging Updates (January 2018)

Today we have released a couple of enhancements to the project tagging system. These updates are detailed below.

Filter invoices and purchases with no project tags

This was a popular request on our forum. For some time it has been possible to show project tags within your main invoice / purchase list. Now you can pop open the advanced search and filter all invoices / purchases that are either “untagged” or “tagged”.


This new search filter will allow you to easily identify those invoices that are not yet grouped to a project.

Apply project tags from within the bank tagging modal

When creating a backing invoice via the bank tagging modal, you will now find an additional field for supplying project tags. You can create new tags on the fly or link the invoice to a pre-existing project.


Many of the smaller interface changes are influenced by your feedback. If you feel that there’s something important we’re missing, please don’t hesitate to post a new feature request and we’ll certainly take a look.


Hi Glenn

Thanks for this new feature.

When I am setting up a new bank tagging rule I have no option to type in the project tag and it would be very useful for all my monthly recurring expenses. Could you please add this option?

It would save us soooo much time .


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Hi @carenas

I’ll pass your comments over to our development team and let you know if we change anything here to support this.

Alternatively, you may wish to take a look at setting up recurring purchases, which can support project tags:

@carenas - I’ve logged it with our development team to look at using the client/supplier defaults when it comes to creating invoices from bank tagging rules.

We don’t have any plans to allow tags to be entered per rule, but we’re happy to look into this further if there’s enough interest. Would you please start a new thread in the Feature Request category, and we’ll monitor the interest from the community there?

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Being able to search transactions without project tags is a fantastic feature, thank you so much!


Being able to filter project tags in the purchase screen would be great. POs are often tagged more than one way for me, and being able to filter by a specific tag (not just by ‘untagged’ or ‘tagged’ - so, different to this: Filter by tag on purchases and invoices ) would be really valuable to me.

Hello @mlawson

Would you mind posting this as a new feature request (in the #feature category) please, and we’ll certainly track the interest in this feature.