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Under Consideration This category covers features that are "under consideration". It may be necessary from a technical stand point to further the discussion in order to develop a clearer understanding of user expectations before we take any proposed feature to the development stage. Planned Features The planned features category shows any features that we have committed to develop. Although we don't specify a time frame for implementation we would normally expect to complete any planned features within 3-4 weeks of recategorising. Implemented Features Another one ticked off the list! These features have progressed through the discussion phase and have now made it into the software. If you'd like to propose any enhancements to these features you can continue the discussion from any of the topics in this category.
Category definition for feature [feature] (3)
Job title in client contacts [feature] (3)
Advanced tag search in advanced search [feature] (4)
Change the 'Close' button on the bank feed refresh to 'Cancel' [feature] (2)
Dynamic variables on Sales Inventory items [feature] (2)
Support pasting symbols into currency fields [feature] (2)
Debtor Ageing Report in PDF Version [feature] (2)
Filter & Sort Bank Tagging Rules [feature] (2)
Purchase Invoices - Quantity Field [feature] (16)
Add predefined date ranges to Segmented Profit & Loss [feature] (3)
Export raw data in Segmented Profit & Loss [feature] (2)
Stop scrolling back to top when tagging [Implemented Features] (10)
Calculating exchange rate from currency values? [Implemented Features] (9)
Add an itemised net column on invoices [feature] (4)
Invoice logo reminder (very low priortiy) [feature] (2)
Purchase Orders - Attach files facilty [feature] (7)
Import Fields for Sales Invoice [feature] (2)
Power User Subscription Invoice Import [feature] (5)
Online payment link on invoice - automatically log in [feature] (8)
Login to Quickfile with third party login provider [feature] (15)
Supplier Statements [feature] (11)
Delivery address / Site address on Sales Invoices [feature] (11)
Select first field on logon screen [Under Consideration] (2)
Multiple Delivery Addresses [feature] (14)
Letter CSS Customisation [Under Consideration] (6)
Sticky date sorting [feature] (2)
BACS / Cheque Payments Report for suppliers [Implemented Features] (14)
PurchaseOrders API - add support for quantity [Under Consideration] (2)
Preset "Out Of Scope" setting at client/supplier level [feature] (5)
Increase email signature character limit [feature] (4)