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Planned Features The planned features category shows any features that we have committed to develop. Although we don't specify a time frame for implementation we would normally expect to complete any planned features within 3-4 weeks of recategorising. Under Consideration This category covers features that are "under consideration". It may be necessary from a technical stand point to further the discussion in order to develop a clearer understanding of user expectations before we take any proposed feature to the development stage. Implemented Features Another one ticked off the list! These features have progressed through the discussion phase and have now made it into the software. If you'd like to propose any enhancements to these features you can continue the discussion from any of the topics in this category.
Category definition for feature [feature] (3)
Sales order confirmation [feature] (2)
Advert / image in client area header / footer? [feature] (5)
Calendar option to generate new invoice based on same days next month [feature] (3)
Custom journal line sort order [feature] (10)
Adding Description to PayPal sales [Under Consideration] (11)
Rename GoCardless Button [Planned Features] (6)
Client Area Design [Implemented Features] (5)
More customisation of Purchase Orders [Under Consideration] (9)
Cant Send Exchange Rate using API [feature] (2)
Credit Note Number on Invoice Or Invoice Number on Credit Note via API [Planned Features] (2)
Batch Invoicing autofill of category [feature] (2)
Payment type from receipt hub [feature] (4)
Supplier Attchment [feature] (3)
Attach Documents to Client or Supplier Cards ( 2 ) [Under Consideration] (38)
Purchase Order Name to be shown on document [feature] (3)
DD initiation indicator on due invoice [Implemented Features] (17)
BACS / Cheque Payments Report for suppliers [Implemented Features] (10)
Change Status Stamp text [feature] (4)
Delivery address / Site address on Sales Invoices [feature] (8)
Token to ACCEPT or DECLINE on Estimate/Quotation [Implemented Features] (7)
Automate import of Amazon sales information [Under Consideration] (10)
Direct Link to Client Area for a Specific Client [feature] (4)
Net Book Value - Custom Codes [Implemented Features] (7)
Quote automatic expiry date [Implemented Features] (5)
Cash Flow Statement [Implemented Features] (8)
Estimates - Expiry date option and automated Reminders (Like Invoice Reminders) [Under Consideration] (13)
Calculating exchange rate from currency values? [feature] (2)
Export client contact data [Implemented Features] (10)
Show Item Name On Purchase Order [feature] (3)