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Planned Features The planned features category shows any features that we have committed to develop. Although we don't specify a time frame for implementation we would normally expect to complete any planned features within 3-4 weeks of recategorising.
Under Consideration This category covers features that are "under consideration". It may be necessary from a technical stand point to further the discussion in order to develop a clearer understanding of user expectations before we take any proposed feature to the development stage.
Implemented Features Another one ticked off the list! These features have progressed through the discussion phase and have now made it into the software. If you'd like to propose any enhancements to these features you can continue the discussion from any of the topics in this category.

Category definition for feature [feature] (3)
Bank Feed Settings - Not pulling information from Tide [feature] (1)
Capture and processing via OCR of purchase receipts [feature] (3)
Deposit recording [feature] (3)
SMS Text Alerts to Customers ( 2 ) [feature] (24)
Customise emails for different clients or trading names [Implemented Features] (16)
Purchase Order/Inventory - Unit Amount to 4 Decimal Places [feature] (6)
Increase the number of invoices allowed for rebilling expenses [Implemented Features] (18)
Recurring invoices due on first day of the month [feature] (4)
Custom client discount [feature] (5)
Contra-invoice from linked supplier - use rebilled nominal codes [feature] (4)
Tide Integration Phase 2 Support? [feature] (2)
Purchase_Search API Status needs to support all possible values [Implemented Features] (4)
Any Chance of CIS Application? ( 2 ) [feature] (33)
Customise order of time and unit based invoice entries [feature] (6)
Include matching against partially paid sales invoice amounts [feature] (4)
Tracking of Expense Rebilling [feature] (5)
Supplier Statements [feature] (10)
How do I attach an image of a document to a journal? [feature] (10)
Asset account becoming liability due to negative balance [feature] (8)
Account Name increase length [feature] (2)
Tide.co - Business Bank Accounts Integration [Implemented Features] (8)
Out of Scope and VAT Exempt Options within bank tagging [feature] (7)
Reminder before due date [feature] (4)
Pay Down Multiple Invoice -> Show All Oustanding Invoices [feature] (2)
Keyboard shortcut - tab key cycles focus to next field or button [feature] (2)
Feature request. bank auto tagging at rule level, rather than global [feature] (4)
Removal of delay on some bank feeds [Implemented Features] (1)
Add supplementary pages to all invoices [feature] (5)
Nominal_Legder.csv in back-up foreign/primary key information [feature] (2)