Purchase orders - Quantity Field

Would it be possible to have a quantity and a discount column on purchase orders and purchases? This would be very useful as at the moment I have to enter total amounts so when looking back it is not clear how much each unit costs?
Also I have a problem that our company name is long and this overlaps the “PURCHASE ORDER” title - can this be adjusted at all - you did something for me on the invoices.
Absolutely love using the software by the way it makes book keeping enjoyable!

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The quantity field is something we have discussed in the past. It may be something we consider later down the line, but I’m afraid it’s not something that is currently on our near to mid term plan. Discounts can easily be entered on purchase invoices or purchase order by creating an additional line and entering a minus value.

There’s an example here for sales invoices although the same concept applies for purchase invoices.

Ok thanks for that - the quantity is very useful to give the unit price for future reference so i will look forward to that been included

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Any chance this could be added urgently, as we need it to, all of our purchases are for large numbers of items. Thank you

We intend to add a quantity field for purchase orders, although we are working on a number of other areas first and I can’t provide any fixed time frame right now. I should also stress this will only be available for purchase orders and not purchase invoices. I will endeavour to move this along for you and will update this thread when this feature is available.


That would be a great feature to have, thank you. I don’t use the purchase order section at all currently as my orders are generally for various quantities of items and the way it is right now just doesn’t work.

Yes this would be amazing. I would use this feature all the time. Please integrate it soon.

Is it possible to change the format of a purchase order so that it shows quantity and unit cost?
If not is this something that could easily be incorporated in your upcoming updates?

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Hello - is there any update on this? It does seem odd this feature is not available, particularly if using it to order stock where the quantity is of course needed. Many thanks.


Just to lend my support to this as it’s a feature we’d like to see.

We’d also find it helpful to have invoice style contacts against the supplier so that purchase orders could be sent to one or more contacts and not just the sole email address configured for the supplier.


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Any chance of getting this added sooner rather than later, I’m going to have to use manual PO’s, as I must specify unit cost and qty of each item on the PO for MOST of my suppliers. I still want the Purcahse Orderes in quick file for account tracking and project tagging.



You still can, just means you will have to duplicate them.

We did start looking at this but regrettably the developer tasked with this project left the company before completing the work. I’m afraid it will now need to be rescheduled with someone else, I will update this thread as soon as we have anything concrete here.


Looking forward to this one too. It would be really useful for us and would eliminate stupid mistakes where the quantity has been missed off and also create clarity for the supplier and ourselves on the price (each or total value)

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looking forward for this feature.

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Hi there can you possibly give us an update regarding the quantity field on the purchase order, this is something that we need as at present using word form, but would like to be able to tie up purchase orders with the projects and final invoicing I see this thread has not added to in a while has it been done and I am not seeing it correctly. Thanks Tracey

No change here I’m afraid, we do need to put aside quite a bit of time for this and I’m afraid POs are only used by a relatively small percentage of our user-base. If I can bump the priority in the next few months I shall do.

Hi Glenn
Many thanks for coming back to me, hopefully it could be done in the near future. In the meantime is there anyway that I can import a purchase order done on Word into the package. Many thanks

Hi @sme

Unfortunately word isn’t a straight forward format. We mainly support csv format which is pretty universal in terms of support. Excel would be able to generate this format, but I don’t believe word does.

We also don’t support the import of purchase orders at the moment. You’re welcome to start a new feature request though, if you wish. I don’t believe it’s something that has come up before.

Just adding my support for this much needed functionality. Would be great to have this tied in with some sort of stock control / inventory system.:pray: