Option to merge multiple lines of import in one invoice when client code + date matches

I’ve read several times over this group why multiple line sales invoice can’t be imported (CSV format not well adapted, blabla)
As a workaround, it would be nice to have an option on import to merge several invoices from the import when the client name/due date(/some other field that absolutely need to be unique in the invoice?) do match.

for instance
Issue date, Client name, Description, Total gross amount, Sales nominal code
02-Apr-16, Smith, School fees, 120, 4011
02-Apr-16, Smith, school book, 5.65, 4012

would give just one invoice

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Hi @farandole

Thank you for the suggest. I’ve known users to issue multiple invoices to the same client on the same date, so knowing what belongs where would be the key. A unique field could be a workaround as you mentioned.

As with all feature requests, we’ll leave this topic open to guage the interest and feedback from the community before we investigate further.

this would be good for me also

I’m sure there’s a use case to issue multiple invoices to the same client on the same date, what I was suggesting is to have an option to do one type of import or another (single line invoive import/multiple line invoice import)
Our user case is that we are a Saturday school. We invoice each term, exracting the information from our prupils database. First child of the family is billed full amount * number of Saturdays. Subsequent children are billed reduced price * number of Saturdays. We need to add a number of sundries on occasions such as school books and Library charges.
To reduce our Paypal charges I would have to train parents to pay all the bills in one go. A lot of them are computer illiterate.