Fixed asset write off

How do I write off a fixed asset? I’ve followed these instructions but I’m pretty confused.

What I’ve ended up with is a credit to Office Equipment and a debit to Sale Of Assets:

This causes the write off to show up as a Turnover debit in the P&L. Is that right? I wouldn’t expect it to be deducted from the turnover, shouldn’t it be treated as an expense?

Should I treat the write off as a disposal on the accounts using a separate “disposal” account or something like that instead?

Are you able to post a screenshot, or send me a private message of what you currently have please? I’ll certainly try my best to help!

Thanks so much for your help. I’ve updated my question with an image. This is what my P&L looks like (can only put one image in a post at the moment so I’m including it in this reply!):

What do you have in your journals at the moment?

I’ve sent you a private message with the details. Thanks again for your help.