FLAT RATE VAT (FRV): Reverse Charge, EC Acquisitions: Total value of supplies to othe EC states


I have made a number of sales to customers in the EU. However in my VAT return these figure aren’t showing. I thought that this may something to do with to specified location of these customers and I edited their details but still no showing these figures in box 8. Is there something Iam overlooking.

By the way Iam using the Flat Rate Scheme.


Is it goods or services?

We sell goods not services.

Is your customer vat registered in EU?

If your customer is not vat registered in EU then you have to charge them vat as normal, they wont appear in box 8
If they are vat registered then, it wont be any vat chargeable provided you have been given their vat number, it would show up in box8
Here is link for VAT rules on Goods & Services

This particular customer is VAT registered so no Vat chargeable. However the transactiion does not show up on Box 8. I wonder if this a bug in the Quick file software.

Make sure country is correct and VAT Settings is ticked for VAT Registered in another EC Member State.
Is your vat on cash or accrual basis? is cash and this invoice is still outstanding then you wont see in box8

Do you have the invoice number? We can check our side to see if the EC flag has been applied.

The country is Germany and is set for VAT registered in another EC member state. Intially it was set incorrectly for the UK . I thought that this may be the problem and rectified it but the transaction still did not appear in Box 8. The VAT is cash accounting (VAT Flat Rate Scheme) and is tagged as Paid in full.

The invoice number is QF00423

Is payment date within report of vat period?

Yes the payment date is with the VAT period. Is the Quickfile Vat return program supposed to automatically place this amount in Box 8 and 9. Or should I add these figure manually?

it should automatically pick, just make sure vat report you are trying to create has correct dates and payment for that invoice falls within those dates

The transactions in question all have the correct dates and payments for the invoice/receipts.
Still a little puzzled

I tested on my test account, all working fine, just double check country and currency on customer account and currency on invoice itself though currency should not matter.
Glenn would have a look tomorrow as he would have access to your account

Just realised you mentioned in your original message that you are making sales to EU customers but they are not appearing in box 8. You then gave me a purchase invoice number (starting with QF) not a sales invoice. Purchase invoices would involve acquisitions and would appear in box 9. However as you are on flat rate VAT no purchase VAT can be reclaimed, excluding capital expenditure over £2,000 so you it would be expected that there would be no VAT showing for the purchase invoice you mentioned.

If its purchases from EU and you are on flat rate then you will have to pay vat under Reverse Charge VAT need to show EU purchase figures in Box 2,4,7 & 9 and Reverse Charge Sales List (RCSL) if goods are £5000 or more

Yes you are right no VAT should appear in box2 for EC aquisitions. That is what has happened. But should a figure for Total value of EC aquisitions EXC VAT appear in box 9. At the moment Box 9 is 0GBP which does not reflect the true amount of EC aquisitions made. The same can be said for Box 8 ie not showing EC supplies exc VAT.

I’d need to consult with one of our accountants on this one. It may be that while on flat rate VAT this is not getting reported automatically. You can use an adjustment to handle this if required or we should have an answer by Monday.

I tried on my test account, vat report is picking sales side to EU customer BUT not acquisition from suppliers from EU