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General Bank Accounts, Display Sequence

What determines the display sequence of the bank accounts shown in “General Bank Accounts” in Banking>All Bank Accounts ? The display I have does not appear to be Alphabetical by Account Name or by date of the Last Entry. I would like to have closed bank accounts at the end of the list of “General Bank Accounts” - OR- hide these accounts from the general view within the Bank Management display; with an option to view ‘All’.

Hi @Inform

The bank accounts are ordered by their nominal code.

There isn’t currently a way of marking an account as closed unfortunately, although we can certainly consider this as future development (you may wish to start a topic in the #feature category for this).

Similarly, there isn’t a way to hide bank accounts from the banking list either at present, only from the main dashboard.

There is actually a feature request already on the forum for bank account ordering - you may wish to add your vote/comments to this to show your support for it:

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