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'Get Last' for Supplier in Receipt Hub


I am just entering a lot of receipts in the receipt hub (as I often do) and it occurred to me that I often enter them in batches (due to the way I scan them in) so I am repeatedly typing parts of the suppliers names. It would be handy if we could have a ‘Get Last’ link by the supplier box to save a few steps when bulk entering receipts this way.

Tagging too cumbersome

I would be ever so grateful if this could be a thing. I am currently entering 600 odd receipts and this really would be a huge timesaver!

If clicking ‘get last’ on the supplier box could also fill in the description box too with the info from the last receipt that would save me literally hours of arthritis inducing mouse and keyboard juggling.


Hi @Lurch

I’ve marked this as “Under consideration” for now. We’ll take a look into this and let you know if anything changes :slight_smile:


BTW this has been implemented and should go live in a few days.