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Getting list of Purchase Orders excluding VAT

Hi team,

I am trying to extract list of Purchase Orders raised but don’t want to see the VAT amount.

Is there any report in “Quick File” (Affinity) can get me a report with list of Purchase Orders without VAT?

In other words I am looking for “Supplier” report which shows me how much we paid to each supplier (excluding VAT).


Hi @akeshani

Just wanted to check - do you mean Purchase Orders, or Purchase Invoices?

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Hi @QFMathew,

I believe so. Receipt numbers for each one of them begins with QF.


Purchase orders or purchase invoices?

@Paul_Courtier Purchase Invoices (excluding VAT)

Hello @QFMathew
Your response on this is much appreciated.


I’m not sure if there is a single report that will show you that in the web UI, but if you have an account backup available then the information is there in the Purchase_Invoice.csv file - if you can open it in something like Excel/Numbers/Google Sheets then you should be able to sort by supplier name and then add sub-totals to the “total net” column at each change of supplier, or use a pivot table.


Thanks @ian_roberts
How can I get back up?

Hi @akeshani

There’s more details on how to create a back-up, here: Create a data backup schedule