Go Cardless Pre authorisation ID No longer supported?

One of my direct debits have paid out but not updated the payment on the customers account. When I looked in to it further I found that the customers direct debit was no longer linked.

I tried to find the pre authorisation id as specified and even called Go Cardless. They say they have retired the ID in the latest dashboard and cant help.

I have tried all the references on the Mandate and non will register. When I click the direct debit link in quickfile it says “The Direct Debit authorisation does not appear to be valid.
Please obtain the correct ID from GoCardless and update the records below.”

Can anyone help me as I do not know if any of my recurring payments will now work?


The pre-authorisation ID does still exists, perhaps GoCardless no longer show this within their new dashboard?

For now I will send you a private message to get some specifics on your account.

Just to add to @Glenn’s post, the IDs aren’t easy to find now. This was brought up a little while ago:

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Thank you

I have tried the reference number above the direct debit and even though it shows a thumbs up. The system asks you to click on the direct debit link again to confirm it works and when I do it says that the pre authorisation number is invalid. So I assume it will not attach with that reference number.

I would have to wait until next month to confirm that but the system seems to confirm the issue.

Any More ideas?


How did you create the pre-authorisation request? Was this done within QuickFile? From my understanding pre-authorisation codes can only be used by the application from which they were requested, any created directly in GoCardless will not be recognised in a 3rd party app.

If your pre-authorisation code will work with QuickFile then you will be able to see the monthly agreed limit and make requests for payment instantly. If it’s not doing this it won’t work I’m afraid.


I’ve emailed GoCardless to see if they can offer any further insight.

Hi Glenn

Not sure I understand what you mean? Sorry. I go in to the client click the direct debit box and it asks me for a pre-authorisation ID. In the past I was able to login to my GoCardless dashboard follow the instructions above and copy and paste the ID of one mandate in to the field on QF and save. When I click the Direct Debit link again it would confirm that it had a valid Direct Debit. In this instance it does not. Strange.


I sent you a private message yesterday, are you able to reply with the Pre-auth ID, we will need to defer to GoCardless on this one.

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