GoCardless - Ability to pay any invoice using a pre-authorised Direct Debit

We’ve made a slight enhancement to our GoCardless integration that allows you to locate any outstanding invoice and to lodge a Direct Debit request based on an existing client pre-authorisation. Just to recap a pre-authorisation is an arrangement you have established with a client to collect any fees using the Direct Debit system.

All you need to do is locate the invoice, click the More Options button and then Collect by Direct Debit.

Once confirmed the instruction will be processed via GoCardless to collect the balance on the invoice.

Previously you had to go into the client detail screen, open the Direct Debit dialogue and request a generic amount matching any invoice balance. Once cleared you would then need to manually link the payment to the invoice. This new feature should streamline things a little.

If you want to collect payment for multiple invoices you can repeat the steps above or request an aggregate amount from the client detail screen, which when cleared will appear as a credit on the client account that can be allocated accordingly (see here for more details).

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Just set up the GC integration and I have read the knowledge base but I am a bit confused as to how it works vs how I would expect it to work.
I have customers (B2B, SME’s) that I normally bill twice a month, once somewhere roughly in the middle and once at the end.
So once I get a pre-auth from the customer, when I create their invoice can I say this will be collected by DD on or around the due date and have the invoice that goes to them marked as such, so they can check it and do nothing if it’s OK, and likewise if I do nothing it is collected by DD on the due date.
Note that not all customers will get an invoice every billing cycle.
I am confused because when I select DD on the invoice screen as above it seems to want to initiate collection immediately (not gone beyond that button!).

@Paul what you need is to first setup the pre-auth, then create a recurring invoice template to automatically collect the funds on issuance of the invoice (every week/month etc.). When you’re creating the recurring invoice lookout for a check box “Auto bill by Direct Debit”.

Take a look here:

Linking a pre-authorised Direct Debit to your recurring invoices

I usually create the invoice and issue it with 14 days to pay. When I use the reccuring invoice when does the DD get collected? When the invoice is sent or when it is due?

It would seem I can issue invoices then manually initiate the DD - but having it go automatically at due date or just before would be great.

I would like to change the way I do business based on this system. Previously I have avoided having lots of smal acounts and gone through a distribtor so they have the money collection hassle! But making GC a condition of having an account would be the best of both worlds.

When the recurring invoice is issued the instruction to collect the DD is sent at this point to GoCardless, it will typically take another 5-7 days before the funds are deposited to your bank account.

We don’t support deferred collection so the requests will always be made at the point the invoice is issued.

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