GoCardless Automatic Tagging


I have started testing GoCardless (great feature) and I will be moving customers away from Standing Orders asap.

Please note: Quick File will automatically add deposits to your GoCardless merchant account. These deposits will be automatically tagged. Please check for any duplicates and avoid adding any payments manually where possible.

I have two Tagged entries in the GC Holding account. The first is correctly Tagged to invoice 1025.

The second is Tagged with payment made by “” but not allocated to an invoice (1027).

I would have expected the status of this transaction to have been Tag Me! if it not allocated to an invoice. Would this mean I have to manually check every Tagged entry and change the Tagged details if required?

I could Log a payment against 1027 and I see I have a new option of ‘Apply from credit’, but I am concerned I might be duplicating and this is becoming a bit confusing.

If I make a payment & use the ‘Apply from credit’ option will this update the Tagged information with the correct invoice?

For me the Tag Status is crucial and I would rather not have a transaction that is not allocated to an invoice marked as Tagged, but there may be a perfectly good explanation as to why QF works this way for GC transactions.


When you use a GoCardless pre-authorisation to request a generic amount from a client, once cleared those funds will appear on the client account as a credit without being bound to any specific invoice. All you need to do in this case is click on that supplier link (The one you’ve blacked out on your screenshot), this will take you to the client detail screen. Under the credit header you will see the unallocated amount:

If you then locate the invoice you want to assign the credit to, click to Log a Payment, you can then assign the credit to pay down the invoice.

This will not result in any duplication. In fact any bank transaction that is assigned to a client or supplier but not to a specific invoice will appear this way in the bank, it’s nothing specific to GoCardless.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much.